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Schedule and living conditions of sheep on the farm "El Gaucho"

Sheep are animals that get used to the conditions, time, and daily routine very quickly.

If they had breakfast at 8 am for several days in a row, then at 7:45 they will give up everything and keep
waiting for food (not silently!) The workers cleaning the feed table will be the sign reminding them of

To boost their immune system, we give sheep concentrated feed every morning. It can be grain (oats,
barley, corn) as well as vitamin micro- and macro-supplements imported from Austria.

Salt in lollipop briquettes is always available.

The daily need for water depends on the season, type of feed, age, and physiological condition of the
animal. Typically, an animal has about 3 to 5 liters a day.

The animals have access to hay, water, and salt throughout the day and independently regulate the
amount they need.

Furthermore, each of our sheep has its own documents!

We put yellow tags with an identification number in the sheep ears. On both tags, the animals indicate
the same number, which allows identifying the sheep, as well as the farm where it was born or the place
where it was brought from.

You can also find out the date of birth and parents of the animal with the identification number. Its
movement, owner, and location certify data on the veterinary and sanitary conditions of the farm where
animal is, the fact of vaccinations, diagnostic tests and preventive treatments.

Sometimes our sheep have 2 earrings – domestic and national. The domestic one identifies the family
the sheep belongs to.


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