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We do not stand aside from problems!

Now it is more important than ever to support the elderly who are at risk for COVID-19! They must
follow all quarantine rules and stay at their homes.

Therefore, in order to help lonely elderly people, we set up a coordination center in El Gaucho office in
March. And since then, we actively began to transfer food kits.

In addition, to ensure uninterrupted care for patients with Covid-2019, we provided Tovstenska District
Hospital and fire and rescue unit in the town of Zalishchyky DPRCH-15 with personal protective
equipment and Zalishchyky District Hospital with medicine against coronavirus and disinfectants.

During the spring, we provided medicines and disinfectants for rural paramedics and dispensaries to
ensure the uninterrupted control of the coronavirus. In particular, 11 medical institutions of the
following settlements were provided with priority needs: Uhrynkivtsi, Dzvynyach, Dobrivlyany, Duplyska,
Myshkiv, Ivane-Zolote, Sadky, Bedrykivtsi, Shipivtsi, Vorvulyntsi, Golovchyntsi.

The necessary antiviral drugs, medicine to reduce the symptoms of coronavirus, drip solutions,
individual systems, and syringes were transferred to the Tovstenska village hospital.

We believe that we will be able to pass this quarantine only by holding our hands together!

Now, as never before, we must unite to overcome this difficult situation together!


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