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By signing this form and providing your personal data, you give the Private Enterprise "Research and Production Agro-Industrial Enterprise" El Gaucho "consent:

  • process your personal data within the limits and for the purposes specified in this message;
  • contact you by e-mail, SMS, MMS and by using other electronic means of communication (using the information provided by you) for marketing purposes;
  • transfer your personal data outside your country (including countries outside the EEA that do not provide the same rights and / or level of protection with respect to your personal data), which will allow El Gaucho and third parties authorized by El Gaucho. »For data processing) to process your personal data in accordance with this notice, including if required by law.


First name and Last name: _____________

Date: _____________

Your rights regarding your personal data

We hereby inform you that in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection" of 01.06.2010, you, as a subject of personal data, have the following rights:

  • know about the location of the personal data base containing your personal data, its purpose and name, location and / or place of residence (stay) of the owner or controller of personal data or give a corresponding order to obtain this information to authorized persons, except as provided by law;
  • receive information about the conditions for granting access to your personal data, in particular information about third parties to whom your personal data is transferred;
  • to access your personal data;
  • отримувати не пізніш як за тридцять календарних днів з дня надходження запиту, крім випадків, передбачених законом, відповідь про те, чи зберігаються Ваші персональні дані у відповідній базі персональних даних, а також отримувати зміст Ваших персональних даних, які зберігаються; 
  • make a reasoned request to the owner of personal data with an objection to the processing of your personal data;
  • make a reasoned request to change or destroy your personal data by any owner and controller of personal data, if this data is processed illegally or is inaccurate;
  • to protect your personal data from unlawful processing and accidental loss, destruction, damage due to intentional concealment, failure to provide or untimely provision, as well as to protect against the provision of information that is inaccurate or discredits the honor, dignity and business reputation of an individual ;
  • to file complaints about the processing of your personal data to public authorities and officials whose powers include ensuring the protection of personal data, or to the court;
  • apply legal remedies in case of violation of the legislation on personal data protection;
  • make reservations regarding the restriction of the right to the processing of your personal data;
  • withdraw consent to the processing of personal data;
  • remove the mechanism of automatic processing of personal data;
  • to protect against an automated decision that has legal consequences for you.
    You have the right to access your personal data processed by PE NVAP "El Gaucho" and to correct certain inaccurate information about you. If you wish to exercise this right, or to inform PE NVAP "El Gaucho" about changes to your personal data, please use the contact information below. Your other rights as a data subject are set out in the Notice attached to this document.
    If you wish to withdraw this consent at any time, you may do so. Please call (03554) 3-51-12 with any questions regarding the above.
    Name, street, zip code, mailbox, city, district, state, county / region, country, fax, phone, mobile phone, home phone, other phone, website, email, name (surname, name, patronymic), address, position, date of birth, sex, geographical locationundefined (longitude / latitude) of the farm, the name used on Facebook, the name used on Twitter and / or the decision maker. undefined

The purpose of this message

PE NVAP "El Gaucho" (48630, Ternopil region, Zalishchyk district, urban-type settlement Tovste, street S. Nalyvayka, building 33A) (hereinafter - PE NVAP "El Gaucho", "we", "us", " our ”), wants to ensure the most efficient provision of services to customers. As a result, we have created a centralized electronic database of customer and contact information that will allow us to collect, store and access our customer contact information and use this information more effectively to understand and respond to individual requests and requests.
With this message, we inform you what personal data we collect, how it is processed and how you can exercise your personal rights to access, update, correct and delete such information.

How and for what purpose will your personal data be used?

PE NVAP "El Gaucho" will process this personal data in order to:
customer relationship management - establishing and managing relationships with you, planning our visits and other interactions or communication with you, registering and tracking our interactions with you, and working with any questions or correspondence coming from you;
direct marketing - informing you about the products and services of PE NVAP "El Gaucho" by mail, fax and e-mail, SMS, MMS and other electronic means;
other legal grounds - valuation, planning, classification of accounts, research and analysis, forecasting, administrative reporting, improvement of the supply chain, product life cycle, accounting, other internal activities (including joint ventures and gross volume) and sales management, if for this requires personal data;
ordering any services legally from any third parties, both legal and natural, andundefined providing such services to any third party, and preventing and responding to technical or service issues related to such services; and / or compliance with legal, regulatory and other obligations of good governance.
 We may also depersonalize your personal information by deleting personally identifiable information, so we may use depersonalized information about you for research and other purposes. undefined

Who will have access to my personal data?

Your personal data may be provided and used for this purpose within the PE NVAP "El Gaucho" and may be transferred for this purpose to third parties who provide services to PE NVAP "El Gaucho" on the basis of the contract, as well as other persons who are not members of PE NVAP "El Gaucho" and to whom these third parties have entrusted the processing of your personal data, on the basis of relevant agreements. Your personal data may also be transferred when required by applicable law, or for tax or other purposes. Personal data may also be disclosed as part of a planned sale of a business or agreement or proposal to establish a joint venture.

Will my personal data be transferred abroad?

Your personal data may be transferred to recipients within El Gaucho and / or to third parties outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who may not provide the same level of protection as EEA jurisdictions.

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